What if I don’t match with someone? Do I still have to vote third party?

— No, if you are not matched up with someone from the other side, you are free to vote for your ‘lesser of two evils’. Vote splitting is a valid concern.

Do we have to agree on the same third party candidate?

— No, our solution works as long as someone on other side is also voting third party.

Doesn’t your system favor the minority party, because of the Electoral College?

— No, our platform doesn’t help Republicans or Democrats. Equal quantities of votes are taken away from both sides. You are always matched with someone from the same state, which ensures we don’t affect the electoral college until a third party wins.

Example: Assume there are normally 12 Democratic and 10 Republican voters, and 5 of each were matched up using our platform. On election day, there will be 7 Democratic votes, 5 Republican votes, and 10 third party votes. In this scenario, the Democrats still beat the Republicans by 2 votes, but now a third party candidate can win.

Can a third party candidate actually win?

— Yes! If 40% of active Republican and Democratic voters come together using our platform, we can elect a third party candidate. Our platform also engages voters who are currently inactive, thereby reducing this percentage.

If everyone that signs up convinces two friends to join, we can change the presidential election outcome in under 30 days!

Are you Russian, Chinese, etc.?

— No, we are registered in the state of Illinois: Form LLC-5.5 File #08836108. Check out the About Us section for more information on what we stand for.

If you’re not comfortable using an online platform to pledge your vote, then ask your friends in person. Find a friend who would normally vote for the opposing party, and make your own agreement.

Don’t waste your vote cancelling out your friends – double your impact!